Insanity 2: The Back

Last week, after deciding to apply the cabinet back directly to the rear edge, I spent most of a day rehearsing and mentally preparing myself for the glue-up. In this assembly, I only glued together the cabinet sides, top and bottom. I used 3/4″ x 3/4″ stickers as cauls to force the finger joints together as … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Back

Insanity 2: Figuring Out The Back

Before gluing up the cabinet, I must first decide how I will add the back. Some methods require the back to be inserted at the same time the cabinet is assembled while others can be added afterwards. To assist my decision, I study traditional techniques, think about why they are used, and make a list … Continue reading Insanity 2: Figuring Out The Back

Insanity 2: The Carcase

I attribute my success to my relentless push to try to fail.  Insanity 2 is about trying to design something which I cannot create. Since my last blog update on Insanity 2, I laminated two curved sides and a curved bottom.  Then I was faced with the task of joining them together.  Although the four … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Carcase

Insanity 2: The Top

Last week, I put three sheets of 1/8″ Baltic birch plywood between two forms I made to create the top of the cabinet for the doors. Although the glue-up seemed to go smoothly, I couldn’t be sure of the success until I removed it from the form.  I let the bent lamination set for two … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Top

Insanity 2: The Price of Pushing the Limits

When working on a project as involving as Insanity 2, I find it difficult to detach myself from the project at the end of the day. As a result, I just stare into space, unable to really focus on or enjoy anything. I make for terrible company. If I want to continue doing this type … Continue reading Insanity 2: The Price of Pushing the Limits

Insanity 2: Doors

As you saw in my last post, I had created two doors with curved frames for Insanity 2.  The curved edges eliminated most of the conventional options of attaching doors to a cabinet, so I sat down with my sketch book to come up with other ways. Here are the sketches that I drew.  Their … Continue reading Insanity 2: Doors

Insanity 2

Insanity 2 is the working name for my latest speculative project.  As with most, I’m designing it as I go and using the materials as my primary inspiration. Every project starts with an inspiration This piece of ash was the inspiration.  It’s been sitting in my shop for years waiting for me to do something … Continue reading Insanity 2

Butternut & Ash Side Table

I recently completed this small side table and it has already become a much-appreciated addition to the home. With a table top about 10″ x 18″, it has proven itself to be compact yet stable, and suitably sized to hold a book, or a dinner plate and drinking glass.   Followers of my blog may recognize … Continue reading Butternut & Ash Side Table

The Eastside Culture Crawl at the Straight Line Designs, Inc. Studio

Last weekend, I had a display of my Anniversary Boxes at the Eastside Culture Crawl. My good friend, Judson (Jud) Beaumont (owner of Straight Line Designs, Inc.), let me use one corner of his shop. I did my best to show everybody (it was a really, really busy show!) how the gravity lock of my … Continue reading The Eastside Culture Crawl at the Straight Line Designs, Inc. Studio

Wireframe Cabinet

Ever since I started Insanity 2, I’ve been thinking about cabinets. It seemed to me that cabinets meant for displaying things more often than not accumulated so many things that they ended up looking messy. I realized that the problem was that too much horizontal surface was available. My solution was to provide only enough … Continue reading Wireframe Cabinet