Experience Twisted Art

Join me from 6-8pm tonight (Wednesday, February 19th) at the Port Moody Art Centre for the Opening Reception of their newest exhibit, Twisted. The exhibition runs until March 13. See twisted art from across Canada, including three of my pieces. One of my newest pieces was created just for this show. It’s called Chair with … Continue reading Experience Twisted Art

New Exhibition: Twisted

Today is the final day of Discovery: Air at the Seymour Art Gallery and I am excited to announce a new exhibit at the Port Moody Arts Centre featuring some of my most recent work. The exhibition runs from Wednesday, February 19th until Thursday, March 13th. I will be in attendance during the opening reception on … Continue reading New Exhibition: Twisted

Twisted Table

Title:  Twisted Table Materials:  Maple, walnut Dimensions:  34 x 17 x 30 inches (Length x Width x Height) Quantity Made:  1 Year of Completion:  2010 Public Appearances Celebration of Wood Fair at Port Moody Arts Centre, July 20, 2013 Click here to read more about this piece.

Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 2: Twisted Aprons

This is the second post on the construction of my Table with a Twist.  The first post covered the making of the legs. I had initially thought about making the aprons square like the legs because I knew how to twist a square blank and wasn’t sure how a rectangular blank would work.  I experimented … Continue reading Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 2: Twisted Aprons

How I Find Inspiration Online

The internet is a great resource, but trying to find inspiration for a design without spending hours can be difficult. I find the most efficient way is to scan through the results of an image search. But a search for “dining table” isn’t likely to be very fruitful. Think carefully and add some key words … Continue reading How I Find Inspiration Online

Defects Are Hints For Something Better

In all the creative work I have done with live-edge material, I have always looked at a cut section – where a limb was removed or the material cut to length – as a shortcoming. But recently, I had an epiphany. Like so many of my revelations, this one came while experimenting on a piece … Continue reading Defects Are Hints For Something Better

Stacked Veneer Experiment with a Shocking Lesson

You’re probably aware that I like to incorporate a twist in my designs. For some time, I’ve had this idea to laminate a stack of veneer in a twisted manner, so each subsequent piece of veneer is rotated just a degree or two. I suspected that, due to the difference in appearance between long grain … Continue reading Stacked Veneer Experiment with a Shocking Lesson

Air-Dried Hard Wood Slabs for Sale

Full flitches (entire logs) of local hardwoods milled to my specifications and carefully air-dried. The quality of air-dried lumber is much better than commercially-available kiln-dried wood.

Roots of Flair: Accepting Wood Movement

At some point in time, every woodworker has cursed the fact that wood expands in humid weather and contracts in dry weather. Because of it, lumber that was once straight became curved, twisted, or both. Parts that once fit snugly became loose, or impossibly tight. Turning green (freshly cut) wood was how I learned firsthand … Continue reading Roots of Flair: Accepting Wood Movement

Woodworking In America Recap (The Chris Edition)

The weekend before last, I was in Winston-Salem, NC for Popular Woodworking’s show, Woodworking in America. It was a great weekend with lots of opportunities to learn and connect with other woodworkers (named Chris or otherwise). I was there to represent my other company, Time Warp Tool Works. I showed and talked to attendees about our … Continue reading Woodworking In America Recap (The Chris Edition)