Power Tools vs. Hand Tools, and When Can You Modify the Design?

I am continuing to work my way forwards through back issues of the since discontinued magazine Woodwork. If you are proficient with the tools at your disposal, the decision to use either hand tools or power tools can be based on pleasure or efficiency. I use a combination of hand and power tools, and my choice … Continue reading Power Tools vs. Hand Tools, and When Can You Modify the Design?

Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

I'm not sure if there is any project that brings more pleasure after it leaves my shop than a jigsaw puzzle. After buying a scroll saw, I was soon making jigsaw puzzles from 1/4" plywood. As fun as they were to make and assemble, I soon began experimenting as I do, and started cutting multi-level … Continue reading Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Work That Leads to Discovery

I found another good quote from the back issues of Woodwork. This one is from the article titled Traveling Woodcrafter in issue #38, from April 1996.  “Work which leads to discovery is the highest kind of work. Its reward of inner renewal and the generation of energy is of the purest kind.” – Brian Mills … Continue reading Work That Leads to Discovery

Defects Are Hints For Something Better

In all the creative work I have done with live-edge material, I have always looked at a cut section - where a limb was removed or the material cut to length - as a shortcoming. But recently, I had an epiphany. Like so many of my revelations, this one came while experimenting on a piece … Continue reading Defects Are Hints For Something Better

More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

This weekend, I am opening up my once-private wood shed to all my readers and the public in a bid to reduce inventory levels so I can finally finish moving out of my old shop space. 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody... wood shed around the right side in the back Friday September 29, 10-4 Saturday … Continue reading More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

When: September 29-30, 10 am - 4 pm Sunday October 1 by appointment only Where: 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody, BC... wood shed around the right side Wood Slabs for Sale! I gave up some shop space when I moved, but the real loss was wood storage space. With only limited wood storage, I brought … Continue reading Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

Woodworking On-the-Go with Modified Knives

Anytime I go somewhere and anticipate the possibility of having some free time, I like to have a knife with me to carve. My First Modified Carving Knife I started with a German #8 chip carving knife with a fixed blade. I modified the blade to extend the cutting edge right to the handle, and … Continue reading Woodworking On-the-Go with Modified Knives

Willingness to Try

Unlike some, I don't shy away from trying techniques and processes that are new to me. If you rely on somebody to show you how to do something, you may learn how to perform that task proficiently but you may not ever know how to do it another way, or develop your own methods of … Continue reading Willingness to Try