Fun with Sliding Dovetails

I have put Insanity 2 on hold to work on some small boxes of a design I came up with many years ago. The double-ended box relies on a pair of sliding dovetails perpendicular to each other to open.  While functional, it is also a lot of fun to handle – similar to twiddling your … Continue reading Fun with Sliding Dovetails

#Woodchat is Going Insane

Last night on #Woodchat, we had a look at Insanity 2 and discussed options for the back of the cabinet and shelves.  The discussion started at 13:21 and ran until 46:20.  I learned that my cohost, Matt Gradwohl, was equally insane.  Together, we decided that our viewers may have also been insane for following along (unless they happened … Continue reading #Woodchat is Going Insane

Designing from Scratch

When I set out to design something, I sometimes find it helpful to make a list of requirements. If designing a chair, my list might look like this: the seat must be at an appropriate height and shaped or upholstered for comfort; the chair must bear the weight of the user; it should have a … Continue reading Designing from Scratch

Entry List

The following is a list of entries on my blog.  They are in reverse chronological order. 2019 New Cribbage Boards Available with Wild Textures, Colouring and Grain Patterns Making Without Compromises Making Mistakes Building More Cribbage Boards and Now Selling on Etsy The Incineration Plane Can Good Tools Make You a Better Woodworker? Published in … Continue reading Entry List