Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table/Bench

Cherry Coffee Table 1

Title:  Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table/Bench
Materials:  Cherry, maple
Dimension:  40 x 29 x 18 inches (Length x Width x Height)
Quantity Available:
 1 of 1
Year of Completion:  2015

Details:  The grain wraps around the piece from end to end for harmony. Maple dovetail keys add reinforcement and provide visual appeal.

Cherry Coffee Table 2 Cherry Coffee Table 3

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5 thoughts on “Single-Slab Cherry Coffee Table/Bench

  1. Hello Phil, I saw this table on the FOG site and rather then sidetrack the discussion about the English Oak slab I thought I ask my question here. Did you consider filling the cracks with a clear GFlex Epoxy? I like the table as is but, I was wondering about your thoughts on epoxy fill.

    • Hi Jack,

      I have used epoxy to fill voids in the past (for example, Relationship Study and Elm Table Top) but the two separations/cracks in this piece are open at one end which would make filling them awkward – where do you stop?

      Also, I had two days to build the table, since I was using it as a demo project during a Festool event. You can read about the build in Part I and Part II.

      Chris, who was replying to Phil on the Festool Owner’s Group

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