140-Piece Puzzle

140-Piece Puzzle Front

Title:  140-Piece Puzzle
Materials:  Maple
Dimensions:  10.5 x 8 x 1.25 inches (Length x Height x Depth)
Price:  $290*
Quantity Available:  
1 of 1
Year of Completion:  2013

Public Appearances

  • Get Personal with Insanity at Gallery Bistro in Port Moody, December 14-15, 2013

Details:  The puzzle consists of 140 pieces in multiple layers which must be assembled in the correct sequence. For added difficulty, there are no “border” pieces. There is also a synthetic live edge hidden inside the puzzle. Each piece is hand cut.

140-Piece Puzzle Top

I went all-in when I cut this puzzle.  The small segment in the foreground appears to be three pieces from the top, but is actually comprised of nine pieces.

140-Piece Puzzle1

Here is the same segment taken apart.

140-Piece Puzzle2

If you are interested in acquiring this, please contact me by:

*Price does not include applicable taxes or shipping costs.

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