The Scrub Plane Build-Off

One night last week, fellow planemaker Scott Meek and I were discussing scrub planes.  Neither of us had ever built one and so we began a Scrub Plane Build-Off right then and there.

Scott’s plane was resawn, then laminated back together, the same way he makes the rest of his hand planes.  Here are the specs for his plane:

  • Body:  old-growth white oak
  • Length:  8″
  • Width:  2.5″
  • Weight:  1 lb – 10.5 oz (753 grams)
  • Blade width:  1-3/4″
  • Radius of blade: 4″
Scott Meek Scrub Plane2
Photo by Scott Meek
Scott Meek Scrub Plane1
Photo by Scott Meek

I opted for a hand-tool oriented approach, mortising the body with chisels.  I knew that my scrub plane would see considerable hard use so I incorporated a lignum vitae sole.

  • Body:  yellow birch with lignum vitae sole
  • Length:  7″
  • Width:  2.5″
  • Weight:  1 lb-4 oz (567 grams)
  • Blade width:  1-3/4″
  • Radius of blade: 3″

Scrub Plane

I documented my progress live on Twitter using hashtags #FlairWW (follow me @FlairWoodworks) which was useful because each update had a time stamp so followers could see the rate at which I progressed.  I compiled the photos and Tweets into a video (duration – 4:14).

9 thoughts on “The Scrub Plane Build-Off

    1. Hi Bill,

      It’s funny – I was looking at the Hock website last night when your post on your Hock block plane arrived in my RSS feed. It was fun to build the scrub plane “alongside” Scott.


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