About the Entries

Every stool submission that I have received is worthy of the space it occupies here on my website. I have removed identifying names so that voting/judging is fair. If you leave a comment, please keep them focused on the stool and do not identify the maker.

February 11, 2014 update: Now that judging is complete, I have included names with the entries.

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To view the entries, chose from the index below or use the NEXT button at the bottom right corner.

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You get to vote for the Flair Woodworks Reader’s Choice. Have a look the entries, pick out your favourite three and submit your ballot using the form below. You have until the end of February 9th to vote.

Voting Ballot

SSBO Voting Ballot

Two Thumbnails of Each Stool


7 thoughts on “Shop Stool Build-Off Entires & Voting

  1. one should have expectations of what your shop stools versatility is going to be. I look at he stool to actually be functional rather than for just parking your derriere upon
    how many of these stools would you use to stand on to reach something or you need that little extra elevation to be able to work on the top of something. you would really want it to be stable to do this. sometimes it can be used as a low bench: eg; to be able to put material perhaps for cutting or the hold an end up. think of it as a tool.

  2. So many options. So many excellent builds and ideas. I do wish I had been able to participate, but time being what time is….

    If the next buildoff is tool storage, I may make the time. Need to actually have the incentive to do a good job, rather than dabble away at it.

  3. There was a lot of confusion about who was putting on this buildoff. We did all the entry work under The Wood Whisper’s page. Then didn’t go to your page until my wife was reading where to submit the pictures. Then didn’t get all of the information for entering the finished stool. Thought if you entered you stool picture you were entered. Oh well, we will know next time. It was fun. The picture I submitted at the end of the first day was the finished stool except for the finish. Hope you do this in the future.
    Don Dunahoo

  4. Chris, this was a great opportunity to have some fun. Thanks for hosting the event!
    There are some really great stools here, for sure.

  5. I’m delighted to leave a comment of delight-fullness. This was great fun to witness, and I wish I would have joined in now. I look forward to the next opportunity. +5 chris.

  6. It was a great event, bringing different skills levels designs countries and personalities together. I really enjoyed taking part, and the stool has been seen being used in my shop, with lots of comments. thanks Chris, it was great.


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