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The overall dimensions of my stool are 29 inches high, with the feet spaced 17 inches across the front and 12.5 inches to the rear. The seat itself is 16 x 12 inches.

The stool is made completely from one 6.5 inch by 9 foot board of 8/4 hickory and has been finished with boiled linseed oil.  The stool is constructed with through tenons and 3/4 inch dowels made from off cuts to attach the seat.

I was inspired to challenge myself when I heard about the build off.  I had several firsts in this build to include compound mitered legs, mortise and tenon joinery and working with 8/4 stock.

I loved Jeremy Wright’s design series; it helped me think on what I needed my stool to be. My goal was a stool that was solid enough to stand on to reach my rafters in the garage, comfortable for long periods of sitting for my French Polishing, something that showcased the natural beauty of wood, and a challenge to build! I think that this weekend I absolutely met these goals!!

My greatest challenge on this build was doing the mortise and tenon joinery! Definitely an area that I will improve in with practice.

The outcome of this build is that I am inspired to obtain better hand tools and further challenge myself in this area of woodworking! I am very pleased with the final product.


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