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Size: Stool stands around 650mm (25-5/8″) high, seat is roughly 350mm x 200mm (13-3/4″ x 7-7/8″).

Materials: Construction grade pine for the frame and an old pine garden sleeper offcut for the seat.

The greatest challenge was when I changed my design halfway through from simple angle cuts on the legs to compound cuts to make it sit better. I decided to change this after the frame was all built and assembled so I was terrified I would cut the angles the wrong way and ruin the stool, fortunately I made a lot of test cuts and it all worked out correctly.

I was worried about using pocket-hole screws in the build, I thought maybe they just wouldn’t be strong enough, but it does seem to be very solid so I have no worries now. The next time I make one I’ll definitely be using mortise & tenon joints. I wanted to do so here as well, but to be honest, with all the quality craftsmen that were watching the build through twitter, I didn’t want to stuff the joints up and have to admit defeat in front of everyone!

One thing that I absolutely love is that the stool is essentially made from scrap wood. The frame is construction pine whilst the seat is from a pine garden sleeper offcut. You could make 5 or 6 of these for less than $20! And it sure is comfy to sit on!

There were some absolutely amazing builds over the weekend as well. Being in Melbourne I was around 20hrs ahead of the rest, so I was able to sit in the evening and just hit refresh on the twitter feed to enjoy the thoughts and photos of the other builds. It really was a great event and I’m rapt I was able to take part in it. Can’t wait for the next one now!

As for ideas for the next, it’s not for the shop but I’d love to see you talented guys make some cool wooden toys for children to play with.

Thanks a lot for setting this all up Chris, great job and was extremely enjoyable!


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