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First, let me thank you for the great idea of building a simple piece of furniture together, all over the world. It was a great experience, knowing that tens of guys are doing the same in the same time. 

The top is 330x330mm (13inch). The height is 600mm (~23 2/3 inch). Legs are 45mm square (1 3/4 inch). It weights 5.7 kg

The stool is made of walnut. Some screws were used to attach the top.

The greatest challenge. During design phase, always remember that you will have to mark everything out on the wood, and final parts will not have exactly the same dimensions as your blueprint. Always remember to have a reference point to start measuring from.

During the build, I had to come back to my sketchup and re-design layout to make it easier to measure.

The problem was the angle of the legs. It’s much easier, when everything is perpendicular :)

I wasn’t able to commit myself to the project 100%, so did it in three days – couple of hours every night.

I hope I’ll be able to join your next contest :)

By the way.The stool is so nice, that my wife renamed it to Living Room Stool :)


4 thoughts on “SSBO #22: Andrzej

  1. I keep coming back to this one, too. Seems to capture the spirit of the event better than some of the fancier entries, not that they aren’t fantastic.

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