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My stool is 22-1/2″ high. The seat measures 18″ x 9″ and the feet splay toward the front and back for a footprint of 16″ x 14″.

I used some scrap European Beech.

My original design called for stretchers between the front and back legs as well as a center stretcher to tie them all together. I ran short of time and still plan to add these features as I have spare moments in the shop.

My goal with this project was to push my skills through the use of hand tools as well as angled joinery. My design was inspired by a simple bench from Plate 223 of the upcoming translation of Roubo On Furniture Making. The shape of the seat and the (future) stretchers were influenced by details from several Green & Greene Pieces.

Even though I failed to complete the entire stool, I did succeed in challenging my design and hand tool skills… the stool is also quite solid with just a friction fit, so until I have time to get all the details complete, I still have a perfectly functional shop stool.


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