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First off thanks for setting up the challenge. Normally it is something like this that gives me a call to action to something I have been wanting to do for a long while.

The height is a little over 25” and the top is 16” x 13.5” including the vise.

All shop scraps (hence little pin holes and screw holes from repurposed wood). Main body of the stool is made from southern yellow pine salvaged from a shipping crate destined for the landfill, the top is some of that pine and left over douglas fir, vise is made with poplar jaws, cherry screw and red oak handle, steps made with some scrap pine offcuts and broken hickory drumsticks for the swivel bar.

I think my biggest challenge was just trying to get everything I had planned to do completed on time. 

I made some bar stools more than 20 years ago that I still use in my house to this day and wanted to make something in the same style (height and foot rests are all at the perfect height for me). I also often have a need to work on something at a height lower than my workbench. For example, if I want to cut something with a hand saw I like to lean over it and secure it with my knee. I have a work mate, but that is just a little too high and too light/flimsy.

My plan was to make a stool which could also double as a mini work mate or mini workbench. I also wanted my stool to double as a mini step-ladder, allowing me to stand on it to grab something out of my storage cabinets or pack something away. I did not want to take one giant step up onto the stool so I needed a way to climb up. Wish I could say something like I was inspired by a great design or a famous architect, etc, but the truth is, I just needed something basic but functional to meet my requirements.

What I came up with is a bar stool type shop stool with a laminated work bench top, integrated home-made vise and a flip down step to help climb on top (or flip down and use as a foot rest). I call it the “workbench stool”.

A suggestion of what to make for the next Build-Off? I don’t have any good ideas but put me down for the challenge.

Many thanks!


4 thoughts on “SSBO #19: Trevor Green

  1. Just a wonderful design.It has everything; functionality, aesthetics, ingenuity..Brilliant! You deserve to win…I especially appreciate you utilising seemingly useless scrap and having the foresight to visualise these scrap pieces as the finished article.

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