Dimensions: the legs at ground level form a triangle with sides of 27,

18, 24 inches, the stool is 24 inches tall, the seat is about 20 inches long.

Materials: A large elbow of Silver Maple for the seat; a limb of Honey Locust for two legs; and a bent Birch branch forming the third leg.

Challenges, inspiration, etc:

Gloved & mittened hands created my greatest challenge.  My shop is outside where the temps were in the teens to twenty degrees F over the weekend.  Use of my pocket knife to shave down the tapers on the legs was particularly clumsy! I am inspired by greenwood workers and English bodgers–especially Richard Law (www.flyingshavings.co.uk).  I wanted the stool to reflect my materials and constraints:  limb wood, simple tools, zero budget, and outside “shop.”

Thanks for the great project idea!  It was fun to participate!


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