38a 38b

Dimensions: 15″ deep x 25″ tall x 15″ wide.

Materials: White Oak & a handful of screws.

My greatest challenge during the build was getting the side stretcher fit with a mortise and tenon on the back legs and a quarter lap to the front legs.

My inspiration for my stool came from a Wharton Esherick chair from a Popular Woodworking article written my Chuck Bender from the June 2013 issue. I took the forward slanting rear legs, the side stretchers, moved the front stretcher down to act as a foot rest, morphed the chair back into a curve terminating at the seat, and added a dash of modern design aesthetic. I enjoyed using a variety of joints to create a solid and interesting stool to use for many decades in my shop.

I think the next build off should be a coffee table.

Thanks again for organizing the build Chris.


8 thoughts on “SSBO #38: Neil Cronk

  1. This is functional art! This is my favorite shop stool thus far. I feel that this piece would be at home in a wood shop, in the kitchen, or some fancy art gallery in New York! Well done! This is beautiful!

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