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Here’s some information about my stool:

  • The seat is ~15″ in diameter, and the stool overall is about 29″ tall.
  • The materials I used were 2×4’s (one for the seat, half for the legs) and less than a half sheet of 1/2″ plywood including that used for the box.
  • The seat was attached using wedged tenons, and the braces/shelves were attached by cutting dados/grooves in the legs.  Only joinery and glue was used for construction, except for a few brads on the box just to save time.
  • The box (~6″x8″) can be accessed from two sides of the seat.  I have put all of my scroll saw blades and the various tools I use for scrolling inside.  Due to the design, I can pull the box out halfway and shuffle through it with one hand.

My greatest challenge during this build was incorporating tools and methods that I have rarely, if ever, used.  I’ve never done a wedged tenon or used/made a circle cutting and sanding jigs, and I don’t get to use a lathe and Japanese pull saw as often as I would like.

My goal with this build was to expand my woodworking repertoire.  As I looked around my shop during the week before the Build Off, I tried to think of a way to minimize cost while using each tool in some way.  I ended up using only two 2×4’s and part of a sheet of scrap 1/2” plywood, while managing to use nine different tools.  I ended up having to build two ad-hoc jigs (circle sanding jig, jig for routing angled dados in squircular legs), and got to try my hand at building something big and strong using only joinery and glue.

I also wanted to build a stool that would be more useful than the padded stools I have used previously, which led to the addition of shelves and boxes underneath the seat.  The smallest box, which is the only one I’ve built so far, is the perfect size for holding tubes of scroll saw blades and the various tools I use while scrolling.  It is accessible from both sides, and I don’t even have to stand up to pull the box out and change blades.

Overall, it was a lot of fun to get out in the shop and just “play” around with tools and techniques, and it delivered a nice and sturdy stool that I will be using for years.  Right now it is unfinished, but I have a long time to decide whether to apply finish or just leave it unfinished.

About the next Build Off, I am going to be doing some major renovations/upgrades in my shop.  A Build Off featuring organization or storage projects would be interesting and very useful.

Thanks again for the opportunity.


One thought on “SSBO #31: Robert A. Rieke

  1. I love it…excellent proportions,elegant simplicity and yet accuracy of execution.The pine material gives a workplace feel to it, and in a few years’ time when there’s a few drops of stain, woodglue and coffee all over it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. I’d be tempted to have a finger hole in each side of the box drawer, but now I’m getting picky…Brilliant, well done, and good luck.

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