18a 18b


  • Height 28″
  • Width at base 20″
  • Depth at base 13″


  • Walnut
  • Glue
  • Mineral oil

The seat is angled and flared and the stretchers are splayed as too, making simple lap joints complicated. Selecting grain for the top to maximized figure without becoming too narrow/short.

Construction: Three legs to eliminate rocking. Mechanical joints, chosen for speed, with wedged/drawbored joints where possible, mostly hand cut, but machines utilized often. Divided sculpted seat highlights book matched walnut crotch figure (and provides a wordplay of sorts)

Ideas for the next Build-Off.

  • A shop item if possible
  • Another seat, but with a different purpose
  • Something box or storage related
  • A functional tool: specific (mallet, plane) or open ended
  • Something that fits within given dimensions


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