34a 34b

Dimensions: 10x18x24

Materials Used: 1/2 inch baltic birch plywood.  Glue

My greatest challenge was coming up with a stool design after working all week before and getting ill on the previous day to the build.

I wanted to come up with a design that I would be able to use my home-built CNC router to cut out.  I also wanted to look at using some nice baltic birch plywood that I had around for another project.  I believe, the under-appreciated side of plywood is side looking directly at the plys.  I choose to highlight that in the construction of my seat.  The seat is actually 16 identical pieces and 2 similar longer pieces that make up the height of the chair.  It made a nice function stool with lots of area for future improvements.

Next build off: Shelf

Thanks for putting this on it was nice to get out!


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