Fall Season of Seminars at Lee Valley

Today is the first day of September.  For many, that means school is starting soon; for me, that means a new season of seminars is here.  In the fall season of seminars (September to November), I am leading six seminars at the Coquitlam Lee Valley store. Things get going quickly for me, as I'm scheduled … Continue reading Fall Season of Seminars at Lee Valley

The Scrub Plane Build-Off

One night last week, fellow planemaker Scott Meek and I were discussing scrub planes.  Neither of us had ever built one and so we began a Scrub Plane Build-Off right then and there. Scott's plane was resawn, then laminated back together, the same way he makes the rest of his hand planes.  Here are the specs for his plane: Body: … Continue reading The Scrub Plane Build-Off

Veritas Inset Plane

I was asked to make a wooden body for a Veritas Inset Plane for demonstration purposes at Lee Valley's Coquitlam showroom.  Along with a basic instruction sheet, this is what was in the box. Completing the plane was a neat project that only required a few hours, so I took the opportunity to do a … Continue reading Veritas Inset Plane

No Rest For The Weary

It seems that the idea of starting my business this year might just become a reality.  While my weekly hours at Lee Valley hover around 40, my shop hours are probably over 20.  On days where I work at Lee Valley, I spend little time in the shop as I am often too tired to … Continue reading No Rest For The Weary

Where I Am, How I Got Here, And Where I Want To Be

Right now, I hold a part time job at a little Canadian company known as Lee Valley Tools.  I work as the Shipper/Receiver Mondays through Wednesdays and as an Order Picker (Salesperson) here and there when I'm needed.  I also have submitted two articles to two different Canadian magazines, both of which focus on woodworking.  Check … Continue reading Where I Am, How I Got Here, And Where I Want To Be