My Current Position

This post was inspired by an e-mail I received from Ed, complimenting me on this website I maintain. He is impressed with my "passion for woodworking" and reflected on how he wishes that he had followed his dream of woodworking earlier on, as I have. So thank you, Ed, for the e-mail. The biggest recent … Continue reading My Current Position

No Rest For The Weary

It seems that the idea of starting my business this year might just become a reality.  While my weekly hours at Lee Valley hover around 40, my shop hours are probably over 20.  On days where I work at Lee Valley, I spend little time in the shop as I am often too tired to … Continue reading No Rest For The Weary

Where I Am, How I Got Here, And Where I Want To Be

Right now, I hold a part time job at a little Canadian company known as Lee Valley Tools.  I work as the Shipper/Receiver Mondays through Wednesdays and as an Order Picker (Salesperson) here and there when I'm needed.  I also have submitted two articles to two different Canadian magazines, both of which focus on woodworking.  Check … Continue reading Where I Am, How I Got Here, And Where I Want To Be