Making Without Compromises

One of the projects which I’m currently building, and designing along the way is a pen. It has months of thought already invested and I am building it to be the best. I do take pleasure in using and owning unique and fine writing tools (and other tools, too). I also enjoy indulging myself in … Continue reading Making Without Compromises

Can Good Tools Make You a Better Woodworker?

I am sure that most woodworkers appreciate good tools, and while fine tools may enable one to do better quality work than crude tools, a high quality tool will in no way compensate for a lack of skill or care. However, a good tool can certainly inspire the user to do their best work, and I … Continue reading Can Good Tools Make You a Better Woodworker?

Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

Ever since the Shop Stool Build-Off, woodworkers everywhere have been looking for more opportunities to participate in online group builds. Canadian Woodworking recently announced their second build-off called, Building Together - Shop Tools. I've made a number of tools for my own shop, and this scrub plane could well be the most-used. The event runs for the … Continue reading Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

High Tide – The Biggest Overflow Ever

After a busy Christmas season, I found some time to do some cleaning and organizing. I tackled the storage room, which houses parts, supplies, and infrequently-used tools. In an effort to consolidate, I have sorted through my inventory and filled up a number of boxes of things I didn't need. Many of the items would … Continue reading High Tide – The Biggest Overflow Ever

Hole Boring Bits with a 1/4″ Hex Drive

The Vancouver area is a great place to be a woodworker. There are literally dozens of quality lumber suppliers, a handful of big box stores, a scattering of specialty woodworking stores, and even toolmaking companies. One of those toolmaking companies is MEGAPRO, which specializes in making screwdrivers and bits, including three very unique bits - … Continue reading Hole Boring Bits with a 1/4″ Hex Drive

The Revival of Overflow!

What is Overflow? In 2011, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog. To date, I have given away 16 lots of items. Well, I'm cleaning shop and reviving Overflow. You might be wise to subscribe to my blog, if you aren't already receiving e-mail … Continue reading The Revival of Overflow!

Shop Stool Build-Off: Upping the Ante

When the Shop Stool Build-Off was in its infancy - before we'd even thought about having prizes, and long before I started drafting a blog post about the event - several woodworkers on Twitter, myself included, had the idea that it would be fun to have some kind of wager to see who could build … Continue reading Shop Stool Build-Off: Upping the Ante

Flattening Big Pieces of Wood

One of the most common questions I am asked is how I flatten the large pieces of wood I often use in my work.  This table top, for example, is approximately 45 inches wide and 96 inches long. Machinery is Not the Answer Perhaps one of the quickest ways to surface a board is to … Continue reading Flattening Big Pieces of Wood