Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

Since 2005, I have been stockpiling local hardwoods. These are full flitches (entire logs) milled to my specifications for furniture making and stacked on pallets. All of this material has been slowly and patiently air-dried. It's a process that is not widely used commercially due to the time requirement, but the quality of the material is … Continue reading Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

Overflow XXII

Up for grabs is a Stanley #194, which was designed to cut chamfers on the edges of fibreboard. A razor blade is clamped to the bed with clamping plate and two slotted screws. Meanwhile, two thumbscrews secure the adjustable fence. The plane features a corrugated sole. According to the hand tool reference site Blood and Gore, … Continue reading Overflow XXII

Overflow XXI

This hole saw set includes 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", and 2-1/8" hole saws and a 1/4" mandrel. Each hole saw attaches to the mandrel quickly and easily via a threaded post and nut, and all the parts can be nested and secured for compact storage with no loose parts. If you would like this hole saw … Continue reading Overflow XXI

Overflow XX

This is a nice, lightweight fret saw with a 12"-deep throat for increased cutting capacity. It is a German-made saw and can be purchased new from Lee Valley Tools Ltd. A pair of thumbscrews secure the standard 5" pin-less blades which are tensioned by the lightweight frame. Overall, I do like this saw, but not as much … Continue reading Overflow XX

Overflow XIX – Bulk Items

These items are small and of little value. Unlike other Overflow items, these are first come, first serve. I would be happy to include anything from this page with anything else you may win in future Overflow draws - just let me know when that time comes. 1. Router bit boxes. They come in various … Continue reading Overflow XIX – Bulk Items

High Tide – The Biggest Overflow Ever

After a busy Christmas season, I found some time to do some cleaning and organizing. I tackled the storage room, which houses parts, supplies, and infrequently-used tools. In an effort to consolidate, I have sorted through my inventory and filled up a number of boxes of things I didn't need. Many of the items would … Continue reading High Tide – The Biggest Overflow Ever

Overflow, Part XVIII

A number of months ago, a fellow brought me a boxful of old tools and said that he just wanted them to go to good homes where they would be appreciated. In the box were these three saw sets. (A) Stanley Pistol Grip Saw Set Despite the worn paint, this saw set works smoothly and … Continue reading Overflow, Part XVIII

Overflow, Part XVII

This 4" try square made by Crown Tools isn't accurate, but it looks pretty (minus the marks on the blued steel blade). The rosewood and brass handle is in good condition. Overall, the square measures approximately 5 x 3-1/4" and the stock is 9/16" thick. If you would like this square, please leave a comment … Continue reading Overflow, Part XVII

The Revival of Overflow!

What is Overflow? In 2011, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog. To date, I have given away 16 lots of items. Well, I'm cleaning shop and reviving Overflow. You might be wise to subscribe to my blog, if you aren't already receiving e-mail … Continue reading The Revival of Overflow!

Overflow, Part XVI

There are two different aprons I'm giving away this time. Canadian Home Workshop Magazine Apron I won this apron when I got my first piece of writing printed in a magazine.  I used it for about a year and it has glue stains to prove it. There are three big (sawdust-collecting!) pockets at waist-level and … Continue reading Overflow, Part XVI