More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

This weekend, I am opening up my once-private wood shed to all my readers and the public in a bid to reduce inventory levels so I can finally finish moving out of my old shop space. 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody... wood shed around the right side in the back Friday September 29, 10-4 Saturday … Continue reading More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

When: September 29-30, 10 am - 4 pm Sunday October 1 by appointment only Where: 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody, BC... wood shed around the right side Wood Slabs for Sale! I gave up some shop space when I moved, but the real loss was wood storage space. With only limited wood storage, I brought … Continue reading Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

Since 2005, I have been stockpiling local hardwoods. These are full flitches (entire logs) milled to my specifications for furniture making and stacked on pallets. All of this material has been slowly and patiently air-dried. It's a process that is not widely used commercially due to the time requirement, but the quality of the material is … Continue reading Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

It's been a wild few days on the west coast. Saturday it began snowing, and two days earlier I spent the day in warm, sunny weather. It was a beautiful Thursday morning when Dave Kilpatrick and I set up to cut some small, live-edge walnut pieces, destined to become cribbage boards. I positioned the chunks … Continue reading The Start of Black Walnut Cribbage Boards

A Trip Through a Log

Yesterday, my friend and lumber supplier, Dave Kilpatrick, brought over a piece of yew which he wanted made into trivets. I built a sled and crosscut a series of 1-1/4"-thick slices on my bandsaw. I took a series of photos as each slice was removed, which allowed you to see how the section of log … Continue reading A Trip Through a Log