Now Available: Apex Cribbage Board

I'm very excited to announce that my Apex Cribbage Boards are now available! The final steps of cutting, installing, and finishing the Signature Inlay Tokens in the bottom of each have been completed so the cribbage boards are now ready to ship. They are available for purchase on my Games & Puzzles page, and through … Continue reading Now Available: Apex Cribbage Board

Available Soon: Apex Cribbage Board

I am excited to announce that my Apex Cribbage Boards will soon be available for sale. It started as a crazy "I wonder if I can..." idea about two years ago, and it feels like I have been working on this project for an eternity. There have been many moments of frustration, questions about whether … Continue reading Available Soon: Apex Cribbage Board

What Makes a Good Scrub Plane?

This post is the result of a comment on a recent post asking for a recommendation of a scrub plane. I cannot make recommendations without first explaining the basis of my viewpoint, so here we go! A scrub plane is a short-bodied plane (about 9-10 inches long) with a radiused edge on the blade. Its … Continue reading What Makes a Good Scrub Plane?

A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

Cabinetry is not something that I do very often, but when we decided to redo our half-bathroom, I decided to custom-build a cabinet with a live-edge counter top and a shelf to better utilize the oddly-shaped space behind the door. The cabinet was pretty standard, but I didn't have any edge banding. With all the … Continue reading A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

Best Excuses for Woodworking “Mistakes”

Nobody is perfect. I see shortcomings all the time in my work and in the work of others. If in my work, the challenge is to find an effective solution. Regardless, I find it amusing to come up with plausible(?) excuses, some of which poke fun at legitimate techniques which, done properly, yield a high-quality … Continue reading Best Excuses for Woodworking “Mistakes”

Simple File Modification to Work in Blind Holes

Recently, I needed to shape the inside of some blind (non-through) holes. My first thought was to wrap sandpaper around a dowel, but then I found the perfect tool in round chainsaw files. They are supplied with a "safe" smooth end that doesn't cut. I cut off the ends with a rotary tool, then ground … Continue reading Simple File Modification to Work in Blind Holes

Limited Edition of Two “Vancouver” Cribbage Boards in Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is one of the most iconic woods of the West Coast, and I'm excited to release these two Doug fir cribbage boards in our new "VANCOUVER" pattern. These are the only two ever made, and they will not be made again. Travel from one end of Vancouver to the other as you play … Continue reading Limited Edition of Two “Vancouver” Cribbage Boards in Douglas Fir

Make Something Extraordinary

Slow down and take your time. Make something extraordinary. This has been my mantra lately as I have been developing several items for production. Some have been in the active development stage for over a year, which is unusual for me - usually once something is started, it is completed within about a month. I … Continue reading Make Something Extraordinary