My Fastener Storage System

Last week, Tom Iovino featured my site on his blog, Tom's Workbench.  This was part of his write-up about my work. "Chris has a very skilled eye for design and incorporating bold, natural shapes in his woodworking projects." - Tom Iovino He also included this picture of me in my workshop. Ben Strano (@sonicfedora) spotted my … Continue reading My Fastener Storage System

January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

I recently sold my thickness sander because I rarely used it and it was taking up valuable space (it was bought for one specific project a few years ago).  I haven't taken pictures of my machine shop since 2009 when it looked much different so I figured that now would be a good time. These first … Continue reading January 2013 Machine Shop Tour

Shop-Grade Cabinets

I volunteered to reorganize the seminar room at Lee Valley Tools Coquitlam, where I work part-time.  Part of the reorganization/rethinking involved building a cabinet with drawers to house all the sharpening paraphernalia.  It also needed a flat top at a suitable height to use the Veritas MK II Power Sharpener, Tormek T-7, 1" belt grinder, … Continue reading Shop-Grade Cabinets

Benchroom Tour and Comments

This is the fourth article in a series about reorganizing my benchroom (my shop is divided into two sides; my machinery resides in the other half).  You can read the first article HERE, the second article HERE and the third article HERE. My benchroom is now fully operational once again.  Of course, the work is never completely done, but … Continue reading Benchroom Tour and Comments

Marking and Measuring Tool Cabinet

I know that my posting here has been sporadic at best. From now on, I will strive to make one entry per week. Check back every Monday morning and you should find at least one new post. My various marking and measuring tools used to be live all over the shop. I'd find them wherever … Continue reading Marking and Measuring Tool Cabinet

Heirloom Tool Chest – The Planning Stage

Inspired by the handcrafted tool chest on the back of Fine Woodworking's latest issue of tools and shops with french-fitted compartments for frequently used hand tools, I have challenged myself to build one for myself.  Before any tool is lifted or wood is selected, I needed to design the chest.  And the best way to … Continue reading Heirloom Tool Chest – The Planning Stage