Overflow, Part XII

I kept this Drill Press Stand with the idea that it would help me accurately bore 3/4" holes for bench dogs.  Then, when I set out to drill them I realized that the drill only has 2 amps and that my larger drill could not be properly installed in the stand.  That meant that I … Continue reading Overflow, Part XII

Shop-Grade Cabinets

I volunteered to reorganize the seminar room at Lee Valley Tools Coquitlam, where I work part-time.  Part of the reorganization/rethinking involved building a cabinet with drawers to house all the sharpening paraphernalia.  It also needed a flat top at a suitable height to use the Veritas MK II Power Sharpener, Tormek T-7, 1" belt grinder, … Continue reading Shop-Grade Cabinets

Peter Roberston Is My Hero

We Canadians have long understood the value of the Robertson screw, invented by one Peter L. Robertson in 1907. Unlike Phillips- and slot-head screws, they don't cam out or strip easily. Also, with a well-made bit and well-made screws, the screw will stay securely on the tip of the driver. How well? These two pictures … Continue reading Peter Roberston Is My Hero