Results from the 2017 Wall Shelf Build-Off

Well, the ballots have been tallied and that means it's time to award some prizes.  Although there were not as many entries as I had hoped for, the shelves built were well-constructed, innovative, and certainly well made considering the two day time limit. This made it tough for judges to decide which shelf was the … Continue reading Results from the 2017 Wall Shelf Build-Off

New Prize Category: Most Accurate Voter

With a last-minute prize donation from Green Buddy Distributors (distributors of Grex Tools in Canada), there is now one more prize than there are categories. So I'm going to create one new category and shuffle the prizes. The exciting part is that EVERYBODY is eligible to win! The winner of this category will be whoever most … Continue reading New Prize Category: Most Accurate Voter

Wall Shelf Build-Off Prize Categories

The Wall Shelf Build-Off starts tomorrow, so now seems like a good time to announce the categories. They are as follows: Best use of materials Best concept Most off-the-wall (figuratively speaking) design Most ambitious design Most innovative design Most inspiring design Judge's Best Overall Judge's Second Best Overall Judge's Third Best Overall Flair Woodworks Reader's Choice #1 … Continue reading Wall Shelf Build-Off Prize Categories

Buzz about the Wall Shelf Build-Off

The Wall Shelf-Build-Off starts this weekend and you won't want to miss it. In face, Jonas Jensen called it "the biggest event since the American presidential inauguration". Here's some of the attention the contest has been getting around the web. Jim Dillon @ The Thousand Dollar Shop Wall Shelf Build-Off Garth @ Time Warp Tool … Continue reading Buzz about the Wall Shelf Build-Off

Prizes for the Wall Shelf Build-Off

The Wall Shelf Build-Off is next weekend. Can you believe it? A Pep Talk If you've been hesitating to register because you don't have a design, I'd encourage you to register today. Nothing like a little pressure for inspiration - even if it means heading out to the shop next weekend without a clear idea of … Continue reading Prizes for the Wall Shelf Build-Off

The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

Everybody is Invited to Participate! The purpose of the Wall Shelf Build-Off (#WSBO) is to encourage woodworkers from around the world to simultaneously build a project in their own workshops and share the process online January 28 and 29, just like the Shop Stool Build-Off that I hosted four years ago. I expect to see many returning … Continue reading The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

Ever since the Shop Stool Build-Off, woodworkers everywhere have been looking for more opportunities to participate in online group builds. Canadian Woodworking recently announced their second build-off called, Building Together - Shop Tools. I've made a number of tools for my own shop, and this scrub plane could well be the most-used. The event runs for the … Continue reading Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

Coffee Table Build-Off

Just last weekend, I announced a new box build-off hosted by Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine. Today, I'm writing again to tell you about another build-off coming up in the near future. Neil Cronk of The Cronkwright Woodshop (and winner of the Shop Stool Build-Off) is hosting the Coffee Table Build-Off from November 1 (five weeks … Continue reading Coffee Table Build-Off

Canadian Woodworking Box Build-Off

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine is hosting a build-off called Canadians Building Together (it is open to all woodworkers, regardless of your nationality or where you live). The following information is from their website. During the week of October 12th to 19th we're inviting members of the Canadian Woodworking Forum to join together and build … Continue reading Canadian Woodworking Box Build-Off