The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

Everybody is Invited to Participate! The purpose of the Wall Shelf Build-Off (#WSBO) is to encourage woodworkers from around the world to simultaneously build a project in their own workshops and share the process online January 28 and 29, just like the Shop Stool Build-Off that I hosted four years ago. I expect to see many returning … Continue reading The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

Making a Long-Blade Marking Knife

A couple of years ago while working on a chair, I found myself needing to lay out the position of the seat slats on the centre rail, which was basically a cross-lap joint. Normally, I'd use my marking knife for this operation, but due to the thickness of the components, my marking knife wasn't able … Continue reading Making a Long-Blade Marking Knife

Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

Ever since the Shop Stool Build-Off, woodworkers everywhere have been looking for more opportunities to participate in online group builds. Canadian Woodworking recently announced their second build-off called, Building Together - Shop Tools. I've made a number of tools for my own shop, and this scrub plane could well be the most-used. The event runs for the … Continue reading Build-Off: Canadian Woodworking’s Hand Tool Building Event

Coffee Table Build-Off

Just last weekend, I announced a new box build-off hosted by Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine. Today, I'm writing again to tell you about another build-off coming up in the near future. Neil Cronk of The Cronkwright Woodshop (and winner of the Shop Stool Build-Off) is hosting the Coffee Table Build-Off from November 1 (five weeks … Continue reading Coffee Table Build-Off

Canadian Woodworking Box Build-Off

Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine is hosting a build-off called Canadians Building Together (it is open to all woodworkers, regardless of your nationality or where you live). The following information is from their website. During the week of October 12th to 19th we're inviting members of the Canadian Woodworking Forum to join together and build … Continue reading Canadian Woodworking Box Build-Off

Live Builds Show that Woodworking is Not Without Hiccups

Did you build a shop stool this weekend? Remember to e-mail it to me following the guidelines. I will send you an e-mail to confirm that I've received your submission. Saturday, as I built my shop stool, I monitored the other builds being documented on Twitter. I have gathered some of my favourite tweets and … Continue reading Live Builds Show that Woodworking is Not Without Hiccups

My New Shop Stool

I am working on assembling an elite group of judges for the Shop Stool Build-Off. There are many categories and lots of prizes so everybody has a fair chance of winning something. For a chance of winning a prize, make sure you submit your stool by the end of Tuesday, January 28.  Here is my … Continue reading My New Shop Stool

Prizes for the Shop Stool Build-Off!

Remember that you must register to be eligible to win a prize. Sign up today! I am so excited! I'm amazed at the level of interest and support that this idea has generated. The big day is two weeks away and I can't wait! My Design This is the design I'm going to build. (I … Continue reading Prizes for the Shop Stool Build-Off!

The Shop Stool Build-Off

Eleven months ago, two planemakers decided to each build a scrub plane simultaneously and share progress pictures along the way. It was later dubbed the Scrub Plane Build-Off. The two planemakers were Scott Meek and I. The Inspiration On Saturday, I was tidying up in the shop and noticed that my shop stool was in … Continue reading The Shop Stool Build-Off