Prizes for the Shop Stool Build-Off!

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I am so excited! I’m amazed at the level of interest and support that this idea has generated. The big day is two weeks away and I can’t wait!

My Design

This is the design I’m going to build. (I have moved the legs slightly inwards from my original design so that they intersect in the middle.) I like it because the joinery is fairly simple and sturdy, yet fancy at the same time. Also, the angle of the legs adds a nice detail. I expect the build to be easy to complete in a day, with the help of a simple jig to rout the slots in the seat. Any extra time I have after building the stool can be spent sculpting the legs or seat if I choose.

Shop Stool Build-Off Design

Over 50 Registrations!

Registrations keep arriving in my inbox daily. Roughly 3/4 of the registrants are from North America and the rest are from countries such as Australia, Denmark, Germany, Poland and the UK!

A Dozen Prize Sponsors!

Here are the sponsors and the prizes they are providing for the Shop Stool Build-Off. (I looked up the prizes to the best of my ability and have provided links below – links were neither provided nor approved by the sponsors.)

Prizes will be awarded based on certain categories, which will be announced closer to the event.


7 thoughts on “Prizes for the Shop Stool Build-Off!

  1. Wow! Impressive list of prizes. This is serious now. I thought I might end up with something new and functional in the shop but now the bar is raised! Your design is quite interesting and I’m sure it’ll turn out well, I need to polish my design now.
    Also saw the dye added to the twist chair in your feed below. That looks great with the blue.

  2. Very impressive prize list!
    Are you sure you can get a Veritas Pullshave? I went to buy one to use just for the seat of this project, they were all out and on back order… :( I had to use my grinder… :( :(

  3. Chris, You’ve done a brilliant job. I didn’t think it was ever going to get this big..It just shows that people trust in you and what you do. Thank you for asking me so early in the process, it’s very addictive.. can’t wait for the next one.. : )

  4. Chris, you mentioned judging categories were to be announced close to the SSBO event. Are you going to post those categories?

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