Shop Stool Design #2: Slick and Nearly-As-Simple

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I have some shop stool designs drawn up for the Shop Stool Build-Off.  Feel free to use them or customize them to your liking. I don’t have plans, so please don’t ask for any.

This design is inspired by one on my Pinterest board and, although it looks more complex, the construction is pretty much the same as Design #1 with the exception of a few mitre cuts. It’s not as complicated as it appears. The legs are offset to avoid a lot of complicated joinery (see: Insanity 1.5 – V-Table).

Complicated Stool

One of my #Woodchat on Air co-hosts, Matt Gradwohl, is concerned about the strength of the design due to the angled legs. While I don’t share the same worry, it is something that I will watch for as I build the stool. The design can be strengthened in many ways, including joining the legs together where they cross.


2 thoughts on “Shop Stool Design #2: Slick and Nearly-As-Simple

  1. Looking good, as are the ones on Tumblr.

    I have been wondering – what program are you designing in? I like the renders.


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