A Practical Test of Premium Fasteners

Last month, we moved to Vancouver Island and I have been busy setting up shop, rebuilding the fence around the back yard and building two new gates with 1000 linear feet of 1x6 red cedar. When ordering supplies, I decided to try the premium-grade Universal Screws by U2 Fasteners. These sell for about $18 for … Continue reading A Practical Test of Premium Fasteners

Removable Outfeed Table Article

Sometimes simple things can make a big difference in the quality of your work, and the ease at which that work is performed. One example is sufficient stock support for long material. In the latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement, I have an article detailing how I built and adapted a removable outfeed … Continue reading Removable Outfeed Table Article

Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Reminder: Introductory pricing on live-edge cribbage boards expires Saturday night. I feel that my time is limited and valuable. I am usually trying to get the most impactful tasks done as quickly as possible and ignoring the less pertinent ones. But, sometimes, it is a good idea to take a break from directly trying to … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Being Productive While Finish Dries

I always seem to spend more time working on projects than cleaning and tidying in the shop, and the result is usually chaos - stuff everywhere. The best times I have found to clean up and organize are late at night when I can’t do much else, or while waiting for glue or finish to … Continue reading Being Productive While Finish Dries

Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

Stains, dyes, and even most “clear” finishes change the appearance of the surface to which they are applied. (For the clearest finish, a water based urethane or super blonde shellac are among the best choices.) Decorative finishing effects can be applied by using a combination of stains, dyes, paint, or other means. Recently, I had … Continue reading Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

How I Find Inspiration Online

The internet is a great resource, but trying to find inspiration for a design without spending hours can be difficult. I find the most efficient way is to scan through the results of an image search. But a search for “dining table” isn’t likely to be very fruitful. Think carefully and add some key words … Continue reading How I Find Inspiration Online

A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

Cabinetry is not something that I do very often, but when we decided to redo our half-bathroom, I decided to custom-build a cabinet with a live-edge counter top and a shelf to better utilize the oddly-shaped space behind the door. The cabinet was pretty standard, but I didn't have any edge banding. With all the … Continue reading A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

Simple File Modification to Work in Blind Holes

Recently, I needed to shape the inside of some blind (non-through) holes. My first thought was to wrap sandpaper around a dowel, but then I found the perfect tool in round chainsaw files. They are supplied with a "safe" smooth end that doesn't cut. I cut off the ends with a rotary tool, then ground … Continue reading Simple File Modification to Work in Blind Holes

Make Something Extraordinary

Slow down and take your time. Make something extraordinary. This has been my mantra lately as I have been developing several items for production. Some have been in the active development stage for over a year, which is unusual for me - usually once something is started, it is completed within about a month. I … Continue reading Make Something Extraordinary