A Practical Test of Premium Fasteners

Last month, we moved to Vancouver Island and I have been busy setting up shop, rebuilding the fence around the back yard and building two new gates with 1000 linear feet of 1x6 red cedar. When ordering supplies, I decided to try the premium-grade Universal Screws by U2 Fasteners. These sell for about $18 for … Continue reading A Practical Test of Premium Fasteners

My Fastener Storage System

Last week, Tom Iovino featured my site on his blog, Tom's Workbench.  This was part of his write-up about my work. "Chris has a very skilled eye for design and incorporating bold, natural shapes in his woodworking projects." - Tom Iovino He also included this picture of me in my workshop. Ben Strano (@sonicfedora) spotted my … Continue reading My Fastener Storage System

Maple Slab Build, Session 3

Friday night, I went down to the shop because I wanted to build something.  I started with a small slab of Western maple and designed the piece on the fly.  I documented the build live on Twitter and what you see below are the updates from the third session (see what I did in the … Continue reading Maple Slab Build, Session 3