More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

This weekend, I am opening up my once-private wood shed to all my readers and the public in a bid to reduce inventory levels so I can finally finish moving out of my old shop space. 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody... wood shed around the right side in the back Friday September 29, 10-4 Saturday … Continue reading More Wood Uploaded, Big Sale This Weekend

Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

When: September 29-30, 10 am - 4 pm Sunday October 1 by appointment only Where: 1114 Barberry Place, Port Moody, BC... wood shed around the right side Wood Slabs for Sale! I gave up some shop space when I moved, but the real loss was wood storage space. With only limited wood storage, I brought … Continue reading Big Wood Slab Sale/Moving Sale

Elm – Pleasant to Work and Full of Character

The latest addition to my catalog of air-dried slabs for sale is Elm (Ulmus americana) A medium-density wood with pale sapwood and warm brown heartwood, elm often exhibits a coarser grain pattern. Most elm trees do not grow very large and consequently it is rare to find elm mature enough to exhibit a substantial amount of darker … Continue reading Elm – Pleasant to Work and Full of Character

Butternut – it Carves like Butter with a Hot Knife

The latest addition to my catalog of air-dried slabs for sale is butternut (Juglans cinerea). A relative to the highly sought-after black walnut, butternut shares the same grain patterns but the colour is lighter - similar to the shades of bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum). Butternut is also lighter in weight and softer than black walnut, making … Continue reading Butternut – it Carves like Butter with a Hot Knife

Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

Since 2005, I have been stockpiling local hardwoods. These are full flitches (entire logs) milled to my specifications for furniture making and stacked on pallets. All of this material has been slowly and patiently air-dried. It's a process that is not widely used commercially due to the time requirement, but the quality of the material is … Continue reading Local, Air-Dried Wood for Sale

Breaking Down Slabs

The large majority of the wood that I have is sawn in slabs. While the live edges allow more design possibilities, there are times when I don't need them. Layout To process this slab, I start by aligning my straight edge just inside the bark. This results in the straightest grain with the least amount of waste. … Continue reading Breaking Down Slabs

Some Basics About Wood

While I feel like I'm near saturation point for reading about wood, tools and techniques, I still enjoy perusing articles with useful information and interesting ideas. This "fun fact" sheet about woods from around the world caught my eye (from Furniture UK). Here's another helpful graphic about wood identification. I hope you learned at least … Continue reading Some Basics About Wood

The Revival of Overflow!

What is Overflow? In 2011, I started my Overflow program to give away woodworking stuff I no longer used to followers of my blog. To date, I have given away 16 lots of items. Well, I'm cleaning shop and reviving Overflow. You might be wise to subscribe to my blog, if you aren't already receiving e-mail … Continue reading The Revival of Overflow!

Model Delivery Trike for Shift

Last summer, Shift, a Vancouver company, asked me to make a model of the cargo delivery trikes they use. Although this isn't the type of project which I would normally build, the challenge of making a working model intrigued me, so I agreed to build it. Using photographs of their trikes, I established some dimensions for … Continue reading Model Delivery Trike for Shift