Some Basics About Wood

While I feel like I’m near saturation point for reading about wood, tools and techniques, I still enjoy perusing articles with useful information and interesting ideas.

This “fun fact” sheet about woods from around the world caught my eye (from Furniture UK).

Woods The Difference

Here’s another helpful graphic about wood identification.

Hard & Softwoods

I hope you learned at least one thing.


4 thoughts on “Some Basics About Wood

  1. I am interested in making squares rectangles ovals etc mostly 1.5 and 2.0 Inch sizes. I would rather use a punch type cutter rather than a saw as I think it woul be faster and smoother edges ..thay will be no more than .05 in thick maybe .75 in thick .. recommendation on different colored wood and cutting applications would be most help as we sourcing the item as well….. thank you bob

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