Woodworking In America Recap (The Chris Edition)

The weekend before last, I was in Winston-Salem, NC for Popular Woodworking’s show, Woodworking in America. It was a great weekend with lots of opportunities to learn and connect with other woodworkers (named Chris or otherwise).

I was there to represent my other company, Time Warp Tool Works. I showed and talked to attendees about our moulding planes and other products. Many people were surprised at how simple it was to cut a moulding by hand. Of course, it helped to have the right tools!

Photo by Megan Fitzpatrick via Popular Woodworking
Photo by Megan Fitzpatrick via Popular Woodworking Blog

Outside of show hours, there were plenty of opportunities to socialize with other woodworkers. Christopher Bowen was a big fan of #Woodchat on Air (hosted by Scott Meek, Matt Gradwohl and myself).

Finnigan's Wake
Myself and Christopher Bowen, aka @abysmaljoiner (right).  Photo by Megan Fitzpatrick via Popular Woodworking Blog

Here are some other gents named Chris. Krishen and Chris Atkins represent the Modern Woodworkers Association, Chris Vesper is the man behind Vesper Tools, and Chris Kuehn is from Sterling Toolworks.

Chris etc.
Krishen Kota, Chris Vesper, Chris Atkins, myself, and Chris Kuehn

One of the many highlights of the show was seeing the Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest (FWCTC) in person. Carl C. Hein was the lucky winner of the chest.

From left to right: Eleanor (daughter of Fred West), Andrew Gore (maker of the chest), Carl C. Hein (winner of the chest), Randy Weber (contributor to FWCTC), Maggie (Fred’s sister), Scott Meek (co-facilitator of FWCTC).

I took these detailed photos of the chest and its contents.

Scott explained to Carl the significance of the chest, and briefly talked about each tool in it.

IMG_20140913_123133433Oh, and I also used moulding planes to shape a twisted moulding.


Big thanks to Mark Hicks of Plate 11 for letting me use one of their benches at the show!


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