Ryousuke Ohtake – Spiny Lobster

Artist Name:  Ohtake Ryousuke Title:  Spiny Lobster Details:  circa 2014 - 31cm - Boxwood, "beard of whale" Why It's Notable: The form of the spiny lobster was impeccably replicated in boxwood. But the realistic appearance wasn't enough to get recognized as a Notable Inspiration. This was: the joints were carved so they move just like a real lobster would. This amazing video … Continue reading Ryousuke Ohtake – Spiny Lobster

My PechaKucha Night Presentation

Februrary 14, 2013, I presented at Coquitlam's PechaKucha Night, held at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. The video was recorded and edited by Geoff Scott of Tri-Cities Community TV. These were the slides I used to guide my presentation. If you would like to support Tri-Cities Community TV and other local programming, you can leave a response … Continue reading My PechaKucha Night Presentation

Interior Design Show West 2013

On Saturday, I attended the Interior Design Show West, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Future Masters Although I enjoyed the whole show, Future Masters, which showcases the work of design students and recent graduates, was the highlight for me.  Although this can be partially attributed to the fact that I was already familiar with the … Continue reading Interior Design Show West 2013

Quality is Contagious: John Economaki and Bridge City Tool Works

All photos in this post are courtesy of Neil Clemmons. Last week, I took a 9 hour train ride south to Portland, Oregon for the opening of Quality is Contagious: John Economaki and Bridge City Tool Works, an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.  An estimated 300 people were in attendance that night. The exhibit featured … Continue reading Quality is Contagious: John Economaki and Bridge City Tool Works

Hilden & Diaz – Forms in Nature

Title:  Forms in Nature Artist Name:  Hilden & Diaz Material:  Polymer Dimensions:  60cm x 60cm x 60cm Year:  2012 Why It's Notable: Light can be functional, decorative, or both.  The light from Forms in Nature is both. As furniture designers, we usually think about the form of our furniture and how light will fall upon it.  Because light … Continue reading Hilden & Diaz – Forms in Nature

Maya Selway – Kishu Vase

Artist Name:  Maya Selway Title:  Kishu Vase Details:  circa 2012 - Oxidized copper Why It's Notable:  We get so accustomed to thinking of things as the way we know them (vases hold liquid).  When we challenge the way we think about things, it opens up new possibilities.  Maya Selway has not only challenged the definition … Continue reading Maya Selway – Kishu Vase

Hardware Inspires Me

Experienced woodworkers know that one of the keys to a successful project is to have the hardware that will be used on-hand before the planning stage is complete and building begins. While having a thorough (and accurate) understanding of the hardware is one reason to explore what is available, I also study hardware for inspiration. … Continue reading Hardware Inspires Me

Wharton Escherick – Spiral Library Ladder

Artist Name:  Wharton Escherick Title:  Spiral Library Ladder Details:  The first was made in 1966 out of walnut.  Several more were made in walnut and cherry, left- and right-handed. Why It's Notable: Jonathan Fairbanks, an authority of American furniture design described it as "one of the great masterpieces of American furniture, perhaps the most wonderful work … Continue reading Wharton Escherick – Spiral Library Ladder

Yoshio Mochizuki – BL-B493

Artist Name:  Yoshio Mochizuki of Bunaco Title:  BL-B493 (Bunaco Bracket Lamp) Details:  Beech, ∅300mm  x 125mm Why It's Notable: The form is very interesting, but what is even more fascinating is the process used to make the lamp.  Watch this video (3:02) to see the how their vessels (a speaker housing in this case) are shaped.  The takeaway: … Continue reading Yoshio Mochizuki – BL-B493