Lennart Van Uffelen – Tafel.01

Artist Name:  Lennart Van Uffelen Title:  Tafel.01 Details:  circa 2011 - Ash, Stainless Steel, 120cm L x 80cm W x 75cm H Why It's Notable: Somebody once asked me how to be artistic.  My suggestion was to start with something functional, then add or remove from it until you are done.  By replacing one leg with an … Continue reading Lennart Van Uffelen – Tafel.01

Stephen Gleasner – There You Are

Artist Name:  Stephen Gleasner Title:  There You Are Details:  circa 2010 - Plywood, 30" x 48" Why It's Notable: While most woodworkers try to hide the layers of plywood, Stephen Gleasner embraces them.  He carves into the face of plywood to reveal patterns reminiscent of a topographic map, then applies dyes to the surface to enhance the … Continue reading Stephen Gleasner – There You Are

Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Artist Name:  Jon Siegel Title:  Elliptori Details:  circa 2001 - mahogany, glass 56" wide x 26" deep x 16"tall Why It's Notable: I like the design, but to me, what is most notable is the process used to make the base.  Instead of laminating the rough shape, then refining it with carving tools, planes, and sanders, Jon Siegel took another … Continue reading Jon Siegel – Elliptori

Secret Carpentry by Maskull Lasserre

Artist Name:  Maskull Lasserre Title:  Secret Carpentry Details:  circa 2011 - 26" x 6" x 2" Why It's Notable: An axe, to most people, is an unremarkable object - just an axe.  However, if you take any item and embellish it, it becomes more distinct and meaningful.  This piece reminds me that anything has the potential to … Continue reading Secret Carpentry by Maskull Lasserre

Kino Guérin – Why Knot

Artist Name:  Kino Guérin Title:  Why Knot Details:  circa 2011 - Smoked Oak Plywood, 58" x 28" x 28" Why It's Notable: When I think of plywood, I think of flat sheets that are good for building cabinets.  I might consider bending and laminating plywood to create a moderate curve for the top of a chest or … Continue reading Kino Guérin – Why Knot

Christy Oates – Crab Desk

Artist Name:  Christy Oates Title:  Crab Desk Details:  circa 2009  -  Plywood, maple veneer, steel hinges, acrylic paint, wood dyes Flat:  48"W x 35"H x 1-1/4"T Opened:  48"L x 14"W x 35"H (Desk) and 13"L x 13"W x 17-1/2"H (Stool) Why It's Notable: This piece merges wall art with furniture and takes collapsible furniture to … Continue reading Christy Oates – Crab Desk

Graft Lab – Phantom

Artist Name:  Graft Lab Title:  Phantom Details:  3.00m x 1.20m x 0.75m (approximately 9'-10-1/8" x 47-1/4" x 29.5") circa 2010.  Made of "Carbon- or glass fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP/GFRP)" which is "no thicker than 5-6 mm".  (Information provided by the stilwerk limited edition design gallery.) Why It's Notable: Impossible is simply a challenge for the … Continue reading Graft Lab – Phantom

100 Bowls

Although 100 Bowls has no affiliation with the fabulous and inspiring Lark Books' 500 Series, I think that the idea of making one bowl each day for one hundred days is very interesting and I'm looking forwards to seeing a new bowl in my inbox every day. What, you ask, is “100 Bowls?”  In a nutshell, 100 Bowls … Continue reading 100 Bowls

Flashback: A Unique Way to Wrap Presents

There's less than a week left until Christmas, so of course you've got all your gifts ready to be wrapped, right? Last year, I discovered a new way to decorate the wrapped package - wood shavings!  Read the original post HERE.

Christmas Gift Ideas

I love making gifts.  I really do.  I was raised to believe that anything hand-made will always have more meaning than something store-bought.  While there may or may not be a capital investment for materials, the real investment is the time and thought to develop and produce the item.  For me, making gifts is a … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas