Found Treasure

While looking through my collection of photos, I found a picture of a box that I made many years ago. It was my idea of what a treasure chest looked like. I have added this chest to my gallery under the year 2009. Although relatively small (only 13" long), it was made very sturdily and … Continue reading Found Treasure

Insanity 2: Doors

As you saw in my last post, I had created two doors with curved frames for Insanity 2.  The curved edges eliminated most of the conventional options of attaching doors to a cabinet, so I sat down with my sketch book to come up with other ways. Here are the sketches that I drew.  Their … Continue reading Insanity 2: Doors

Christy Oates – Crab Desk

Artist Name:  Christy Oates Title:  Crab Desk Details:  circa 2009  -  Plywood, maple veneer, steel hinges, acrylic paint, wood dyes Flat:  48"W x 35"H x 1-1/4"T Opened:  48"L x 14"W x 35"H (Desk) and 13"L x 13"W x 17-1/2"H (Stool) Why It's Notable: This piece merges wall art with furniture and takes collapsible furniture to … Continue reading Christy Oates – Crab Desk

Shell Box

At the beginning of October, I created a box whose design I absolutely adored. The proportions, the grain, the style... everything. It was also a fun box to build and simple in some regards, but quite challenging in others. I proudly showed my latest and greatest creation around and decided to go forward and begin … Continue reading Shell Box

This Just In…

A month-and-a-half ago, I was asked by the editors at Canadian Home Workshop to come up with some ideas for their annual gift idea issue.  I thought about it for a little while, about two weeks, before passing on my best idea - a little box I had dreamed up based on a wooden hinge … Continue reading This Just In…

Tribute to the Butt Hinge

It may seem odd to some, but the truth is that one of my greatest inspirational sources is Lee Valley's hardware catalog.  Many hours I have spent poring over the pages - mainly the Specialty Hardware and Small Box Hardware, but also the knobs, pulls, and other assorted hardware. This was the case about a … Continue reading Tribute to the Butt Hinge