Celebrate 5 Years of Flair with an Anniversary Box!

November 1st marks the five-year anniversary of my business and I think that's an excellent reason to celebrate. For the first time, I am offering boxes of this design which I developed. As with everything I offer, I make the entire product in my own shop. I really love the design and hope that you … Continue reading Celebrate 5 Years of Flair with an Anniversary Box!

Overflow, Part VII

I bought ten of these wine glass kits from Craft Supplies USA.  The stems were cut off so that all the maker had to do was turn the bottom half.  It seemed like a neat idea at the time, but I've somewhat lost interest in turning. If you would like these ten glasses, please leave … Continue reading Overflow, Part VII

Every Workshop Needs a Br’all

This post is part of Get Woodworking Week, an initiative started by Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench, to build interest and participation in woodworking. I know that every one of my readers except for Paul-Marcel, for whom I made the first one, is scratching their head wondering what the heck a Br'all is, what it does, … Continue reading Every Workshop Needs a Br’all

Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table – Complete!

On December 24th at 7:30 pm, I completed the dogwood table.  It took 130 hours to complete and was finished with two coats of Deft Exterior Oil.  It included two drop-in leaves supported by telescoping arms.  I am very pleased with how it turned out (and also that I got it done for Christmas) as … Continue reading Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table – Complete!

Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table

As I've mentioned in a previous entry, I've been spending all of my shop time working on a Dogwood Arts and Crafts table for Dave Kilpatrick and his wife.  It's nearing completion and last night I took a few photos.  The table is sitting inverted on sawhorses, so you may find it helpful to turn … Continue reading Dogwood Arts and Crafts Table

Tribute to the Butt Hinge

It may seem odd to some, but the truth is that one of my greatest inspirational sources is Lee Valley's hardware catalog.  Many hours I have spent poring over the pages - mainly the Specialty Hardware and Small Box Hardware, but also the knobs, pulls, and other assorted hardware. This was the case about a … Continue reading Tribute to the Butt Hinge

Published in May 2007 Issue of Canadian Home Workshop

Last summer, Jodi Avery MacLean, the Managing Editor of Canadian Home Workshop Magazine (CHW) contacted me asking if I was interested in building them a whirligig.  Truth be told, I was hoping that they'd ask me to build them a piece of furniture such as a side table or dresser, but I was excited nonetheless and … Continue reading Published in May 2007 Issue of Canadian Home Workshop