Woodworkers in an Art Museum

After Woodworking in America in Pasadena, Paul-Marcel and I stayed in California for a few days to explore the local attractions, including The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Eagle Tools, and Paul Schurch’s woodworking shop.

Paul-Marcel’s latest post includes video footage (duration – 15:11) from inside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  It’s interesting to see how woodworkers look at art (and what is around the art).  We’re an odd bunch!  (When he and I watched the video, we both noticed many things we hadn’t seen before.)

So, to recap, this post references Paul-Marcel, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and Paul Schurch.  And I thought Chris was a common name!

Every Workshop Needs a Br’all

This post is part of Get Woodworking Week, an initiative started by Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench, to build interest and participation in woodworking.

I know that every one of my readers except for Paul-Marcel, for whom I made the first one, is scratching their head wondering what the heck a Br’all is, what it does, and why they haven’t heard of it.

A Br’all is a shop accessory that I think every shop should have.  I designed it to do one thing and one thing only.  It does not require a great investment in either time, tools or materials to make, so it is a great Get Woodworking Week project.

The first video is the one you should definitely watch.  I show you how to make a Br’all using different hand tools, techniques and the purpose of the Br’all.  (Duration: 13 minutes, 14  seconds; the high-speed segments are 2x speed.)

The second video shows the letter carving I added.  (Duration: 7 minutes, 12 seconds; the high-speed segments are 4x speed.)

Here are some pictures of my bench-clearing Br’all.