Stephen Gleasner – There You Are

Artist Name:  Stephen Gleasner Title:  There You Are Details:  circa 2010 - Plywood, 30" x 48" Why It's Notable: While most woodworkers try to hide the layers of plywood, Stephen Gleasner embraces them.  He carves into the face of plywood to reveal patterns reminiscent of a topographic map, then applies dyes to the surface to enhance the … Continue reading Stephen Gleasner – There You Are

Every Workshop Needs a Br’all

This post is part of Get Woodworking Week, an initiative started by Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench, to build interest and participation in woodworking. I know that every one of my readers except for Paul-Marcel, for whom I made the first one, is scratching their head wondering what the heck a Br'all is, what it does, … Continue reading Every Workshop Needs a Br’all

Christmas Ornament Ideas

Everybody has an idea of the perfect Christmas and more than likely, a tree is part of that vision.  In my household, decorating the tree has always been a family activity.  We work together to put up the tree and adorn it with lights, garland and our favourite ornaments.  We each have our favourite decorations and … Continue reading Christmas Ornament Ideas

Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 1: Legs

When I set out to create this table I knew that I wanted to use plain wood for the base and figured wood for the top.  I knew that straight-grained wood would be easier to carve, and complements the carving well; curvy grain would distract from the linear design.  I expected that using figured wood … Continue reading Construction of “Table with a Twist” – Part 1: Legs

Bubinga Dining Room Table, Part I

Currently, I'm down in Phoenix, Arizona, working for Morgan Holt of EarthArt Landscape & Designs, Inc. on a massive dining table being made from one large slab of bubinga. Monday morning at 8:00, Morgan and I picked up the Bubinga slab for the table.  Morgan had arranged for some help to unload the slab which measured 14' long, 42' wide, … Continue reading Bubinga Dining Room Table, Part I