Free Air Shipping for Cribbage Boards

Just a quick note that I am offering free air shipping via Purolator Express for Canadian orders and DHL Express Worldwide for USA orders. At this time of year, couriers are not guaranteeing delivery times but I’m doing everything I can to ensure orders arrive in time for Christmas! Order directly from my site, or … Continue reading Free Air Shipping for Cribbage Boards

Come See My Work at Port Moody Arts Centre’s Winter Treasures Exhibition

I just signed a contract with the Port Moody Arts Centre to participate in their Winter Treasures exhibition, their holiday exhibition and sale! The exhibit starts on Thursday, November 20th and runs until Thursday, December 18, 2014. It takes place at the Port Moody Arts Centre (2425 St. Johns Street) in the Canadian Pacific Gallery, 3D Gallery, … Continue reading Come See My Work at Port Moody Arts Centre’s Winter Treasures Exhibition

Christmas 2012 Recap

My goal this Christmas season was not to buy anything mass-produced.  I half-succeeded.  For my family, I made a sculptural clock, wooden vases, and turned fridge magnets; each of the items required something mass-produced. For my brother, I made a clock using black locust for the upright and phenolic, grained to look like ebony, for the face. … Continue reading Christmas 2012 Recap

Christmas Recap, Part II

The first post, Christmas Recap, Part I, covered the woodwork that was exchanged during our brief stay in Naramata. After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Naramata, we drove back to the Lower Mainland for another family Christmas Dinner at my aunt and uncle's house.  We were tired when we got home so we went … Continue reading Christmas Recap, Part II

Christmas Recap, Part I

Well, I must say that I had a great time over the past few days.  I hope that you did too. On the morning of December 24, we travelled to Naramata, a 5.5 hour drive.  There, we enjoyed a great dinner with my aunt, her family and company.  We stayed up late to open gifts … Continue reading Christmas Recap, Part I

Why I Like to Wrap Gifts with Boring Kraft Paper

Though it may not be obvious, this article is really about how I build my furniture.  I want it to be practical.  I also want my work to be aesthetically pleasing and intriguing, or sometimes provoking. Nearly every boxed gift I've received came wrapped in colourful, glossy paper.  You know what I'm talking about. I … Continue reading Why I Like to Wrap Gifts with Boring Kraft Paper

Christmas Ornament Ideas

Everybody has an idea of the perfect Christmas and more than likely, a tree is part of that vision.  In my household, decorating the tree has always been a family activity.  We work together to put up the tree and adorn it with lights, garland and our favourite ornaments.  We each have our favourite decorations and … Continue reading Christmas Ornament Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

I love making gifts.  I really do.  I was raised to believe that anything hand-made will always have more meaning than something store-bought.  While there may or may not be a capital investment for materials, the real investment is the time and thought to develop and produce the item.  For me, making gifts is a … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas