Christmas Recap, Part II

The first post, Christmas Recap, Part I, covered the woodwork that was exchanged during our brief stay in Naramata.

After spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Naramata, we drove back to the Lower Mainland for another family Christmas Dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house.  We were tired when we got home so we went straight to bed and slept-in the next morning.

When we finally woke up Boxing Day (December 26), we exchanged gifts among our immediate family.  For my mother, I had scrolled a 3-D jigsaw puzzle.  I used restraint and made it considerably more simple than Diamond Challenge, which I had made the previous year.  She appreciated being able to solve the puzzle in under two hours.

Cherry 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle

For my brother, Brad, I had built a small table.  Why?  I thought that functional art would be perfect for someone who didn’t seem to need anything.  (I did a “tweet-along” where I documented the progress of the table on Twitter.  I’ll post that soon.)

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