The Cost of a Product

There is a product for sale I am thinking about that seems rather expensive for what it is. However, I cannot knock the design or quality (although I do wish for one modification!) It is simple in design, and neither tight tolerances nor a high degree of precision are required. The basic process of making … Continue reading The Cost of a Product

Reassessing and Looking for Ways to Improve

My favourite screwdriver is a ratcheting one by Rolgear. Years ago, I replaced the stock double-ended bits with an assortment of 3" single-ended bits. Multi-bit screwdrivers like this one are very handy, as they hold 7 screwdriver bits and have a 1/4" hex drive socket which can be useful for sheet metal screws. However, if … Continue reading Reassessing and Looking for Ways to Improve

Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

I have always been a little obsessed with screwdrivers. Maybe it’s because I like using screws so much - for their adjustability, holding power, and reversability. In my shop, fasteners are organized in clear plastic divier boxes, each of which holds between 3 and 8 different varieties. I have one dedicated to nails, 10 devoted … Continue reading Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

Largest Batch of Live-Edge Cribbage Boards Complete

Last month, I set a record for the largest batch of live-edge cribbage boards made in my shop: 17. I had dedicated cutting, sanding and spray finishing stations set up and was in full production mode working carefully and efficiently. My goal was to build up enough inventory to have a good selection available, and … Continue reading Largest Batch of Live-Edge Cribbage Boards Complete

Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Reminder: Introductory pricing on live-edge cribbage boards expires Saturday night. I feel that my time is limited and valuable. I am usually trying to get the most impactful tasks done as quickly as possible and ignoring the less pertinent ones. But, sometimes, it is a good idea to take a break from directly trying to … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need to Stop Working and Get Organized

Cribbage Board Update

I will be increasing the prices of my live-edge cribbage board on November 1, 2020. Any orders received on or before Halloween will be at the current pricing. Shipping is, and will continue to be free for North American destinations. Currently, I am working through a sizeable stack of cribbage boards that I harvested in … Continue reading Cribbage Board Update

Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Materials

This photo in my Twitter feed caught my eye. It’s a long workpiece being supported by a custom-built support resting on top of a platform. The photo was taken by Dominic of Be Inspired With Dominic. It may not seem noteworthy, and perhaps it is not worth a blog post, but I noticed that the … Continue reading Know the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Materials

Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

Stains, dyes, and even most “clear” finishes change the appearance of the surface to which they are applied. (For the clearest finish, a water based urethane or super blonde shellac are among the best choices.) Decorative finishing effects can be applied by using a combination of stains, dyes, paint, or other means. Recently, I had … Continue reading Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

Available Soon: Apex Cribbage Board

I am excited to announce that my Apex Cribbage Boards will soon be available for sale. It started as a crazy "I wonder if I can..." idea about two years ago, and it feels like I have been working on this project for an eternity. There have been many moments of frustration, questions about whether … Continue reading Available Soon: Apex Cribbage Board