Reassessing and Looking for Ways to Improve

My favourite screwdriver is a ratcheting one by Rolgear. Years ago, I replaced the stock double-ended bits with an assortment of 3″ single-ended bits. Multi-bit screwdrivers like this one are very handy, as they hold 7 screwdriver bits and have a 1/4″ hex drive socket which can be useful for sheet metal screws. However, if the individual bits are lost, the screwdriver may become less useful and more frustrating than helpful. For this reason, I always keep the screwdriver off-limits to the rest of the family.

Last week, we moved and in all the chaos and busyness getting the house back together, my favourite screwdriver was in full circulation and everybody was using it. The kids lost one bit and my wife lost one. I was disappointed and a little upset, but as we continued work, I found that I was not missing those two bits and, in fact, had some difficulty figuring out which two had disappeared (Phillips #1 and 3/16″ slot). This made me realize that I could improve the screwdriver’s selection of bits to increase its functionality – I intend to replace one of those missing bits with a square awl for marking, which I will make from a spare bit at the bench grinder.

I expect that the new loadout will consist of:

  1. Robertson #0
  2. Robertson #1
  3. Robertson #2
  4. Phillips #1
  5. Phillips #2
  6. 1/4″ Slot
  7. Square awl
Two of the seven screwdriver bits went missing from my favourite screwdriver.
Two of the seven screwdriver bits went missing from my favourite screwdriver.

Moving has given me another opportunity to reassess and look for improvement – setting up shop in a new space. The new shop will be in a shared 2-car garage. People always marvelled at how I was able to fit so much into the 1-car garage that my shop previously occupied. I kind of shrugged it off, but now I’m really appreciating how much stuff was fit into that space as I’m having difficulty getting all of it into the bigger half of a 2-car garage with 9′ high ceilings!

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