Removable Outfeed Table Article

Sometimes simple things can make a big difference in the quality of your work, and the ease at which that work is performed. One example is sufficient stock support for long material. In the latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement, I have an article detailing how I built and adapted a removable outfeed table to my bandsaw. I have plans to mount a rail to the back of my thickness planer, too, so I can enjoy the same benefits when using that machine.

Read Build a Removable Outfeed Table.

One thought on “Removable Outfeed Table Article

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the article, and have spent time considering if I should build one, but for now I’m using my ” baker’s solution” just a stand, but…. the roller is a gen-u-whine imported Swiss machined aluminum roller with sealed bearings–it came out of a dough sheeter( machine used to roll out dough) that overheated and caught fire. I salvaged that part and a few others, made an aluminum topped bbq stand with some other parts Sent from my iPad


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