Published in February/March 2019 Issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine

I have not one, but two articles published in the latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement! Turn to page 28 for the cover story, Learn to Work With Live-Edge Material for my advice on sourcing and building with live-edge wood. Live-edge material has grown increasingly popular in recent years. It has a very unique look, … Continue reading Published in February/March 2019 Issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine

Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

I'm not sure if there is any project that brings more pleasure after it leaves my shop than a jigsaw puzzle. After buying a scroll saw, I was soon making jigsaw puzzles from 1/4" plywood. As fun as they were to make and assemble, I soon began experimenting as I do, and started cutting multi-level … Continue reading Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

The Five Foot Shop

It's been about a year-and-a-half since my shop size got cut in half. It presently occupies a one-car garage and I must say that I'm quite happy with the space. All my machines made the move, including my sliding table saw, 18" bandsaw, jointer, planer, drill press and dust collector, but I did give up my … Continue reading The Five Foot Shop

21st Century Writing Desk, Complete

A textured top might at first seem the wrong choice for a writing desk, but with computers leading the writing world nowadays we think it’s a great idea. - Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine I completed the base for the 21st Century Writing Desk, to go with the top that I carved in November. … Continue reading 21st Century Writing Desk, Complete

Furniture & Cabinetmaking #210 (October 2013)

My latest magazine article, Reading the Grain, was published in the October 2013 issue of United Kingdom's Furniture & Cabinetmaking.  For this article, I teamed up with my friend, Charles Mak, (we first collaborated on an article published in the March 2012 issue of Australian Wood Review). The article starts by explaining different ways to tell the … Continue reading Furniture & Cabinetmaking #210 (October 2013)

2012 Year in Review

2012 was another memorable year for me.  Here are some of the highlights: More magazine articles published! In March, an article I co-wrote with Calgarian woodworker Charles Mak was featured in issue #74 of Australian Wood Review. In the December/January 2013 issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement, I had two articles published (two articles … Continue reading 2012 Year in Review

News About Woodworking Magazines

The December/January issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement is now on newsstands.  If you've been following my blog for at least a year, one of the three pictures at the top of the cover should look familiar. On the Contents page, we see that I have an article, Make a Wooden Bow on page 16.  Also, … Continue reading News About Woodworking Magazines

Australian Wood Review #74 (March 2012)

My most recent woodworking article (which I co-wrote with Charles Mak) is featured in issue #74 (March 2012) of Australian Wood Review (AWR). Our article shows how to build a folding ladder that Charles designed and I built.  The ladder does not fold the way that you would expect - the rungs have pivot points at the … Continue reading Australian Wood Review #74 (March 2012)