Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

The latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement is focused on routers and has not one, not two, but three of my articles in it.

I had fun challenging myself to put together ten Simple Router Improvements, and executing those ideas.

Also in the issue is a short article I wrote about Router Collets which may be the least exciting but most important part of a router.

My third article that appears in this issue is something that may be a woodworking innovation. Having it in my shop has been a huge convenience and time saver. The compact router table features three routers, each carefully set up with a specific router bit so I can just walk up to the table and use it with perfect results. Check out the article to learn how to Build a Triple Router Table.

2 thoughts on “Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

  1. Thanks, Chris. I’m so happy as I started following you here.

    Due to the corona virus pandemic, people are getting nervous. In this situation, Do you think the woodworking industry getting more profits by working at home?

    1. I know that there has been a significant increase in home renovations, and tools and supplies to make renovations happen, so I’d have to say that the pandemic is increasing the amount of woodworking being done.


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