How to Get into Woodworking for $1000

I've written many interesting articles for Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine over the past 12 years, but this idea presented to me by editor Rob Brown was one of the most intriguing and challenging. The premise was simple: you're interested in doing woodwork, but lack tools beyond the absolute basics like hammer, screwdriver, tape … Continue reading How to Get into Woodworking for $1000

Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

The latest issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement is focused on routers and has not one, not two, but three of my articles in it. I had fun challenging myself to put together ten Simple Router Improvements, and executing those ideas. Also in the issue is a short article I wrote about Router Collets … Continue reading Three Articles Published in February/March Issue of Canadian Woodworking

Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

I have always been a little obsessed with screwdrivers. Maybe it’s because I like using screws so much - for their adjustability, holding power, and reversability. In my shop, fasteners are organized in clear plastic divier boxes, each of which holds between 3 and 8 different varieties. I have one dedicated to nails, 10 devoted … Continue reading Making a More Efficient Screwdriver

Making a Flushing Plane

Recently, I needed to trim 50 protruding dowels flush with the surface. I started by using a flush cut handsaw to trim any that were sticking out more than 1/16”. Now, in my experience, flush cut saws are good at making cuts against a surface without damaging it, but they actually do not work well … Continue reading Making a Flushing Plane

Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

Stains, dyes, and even most “clear” finishes change the appearance of the surface to which they are applied. (For the clearest finish, a water based urethane or super blonde shellac are among the best choices.) Decorative finishing effects can be applied by using a combination of stains, dyes, paint, or other means. Recently, I had … Continue reading Painting, Staining, Dyeing and Burning Wood

What Makes a Good Scrub Plane?

This post is the result of a comment on a recent post asking for a recommendation of a scrub plane. I cannot make recommendations without first explaining the basis of my viewpoint, so here we go! A scrub plane is a short-bodied plane (about 9-10 inches long) with a radiused edge on the blade. Its … Continue reading What Makes a Good Scrub Plane?

A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

Cabinetry is not something that I do very often, but when we decided to redo our half-bathroom, I decided to custom-build a cabinet with a live-edge counter top and a shelf to better utilize the oddly-shaped space behind the door. The cabinet was pretty standard, but I didn't have any edge banding. With all the … Continue reading A Built-In Cabinet with Live-Edge Counter Top

What Router Bit to Surface a Slab?

A reader recently wrote to me asking for advice on what router bit to use for surfacing wood. He has been using standard straight bits that have been effective at levelling the Douglas fir end grain but left some tearout which required a significant amount of extra work to remove. What determines quality of cut?When … Continue reading What Router Bit to Surface a Slab?

The Incineration Plane

Using a hand plane to shave down a piece of timber is a delightful experience for all, regardless of age, woodworking ability or interest. There is something so satisfying about it. The slow pace of running a plane over a board can even be therapeutic. Cleaning up shavings, however, is not exactly fun. The curly … Continue reading The Incineration Plane

My Tripot: Final Cleanup

Fascinated with the form of the tripot, and interested to see what was involved in making one, I started my own. I couldn't think of a better way to understand and appreciate it than to make one myself. In my first two articles about making my tripot, I showed how I shaped most of the … Continue reading My Tripot: Final Cleanup