The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

Everybody is Invited to Participate! The purpose of the Wall Shelf Build-Off (#WSBO) is to encourage woodworkers from around the world to simultaneously build a project in their own workshops and share the process online January 28 and 29, just like the Shop Stool Build-Off that I hosted four years ago. I expect to see many returning … Continue reading The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29

End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1

Earlier this week, I began work on a new cribbage board. The section of Pacific yew didn't look like much at first. I wanted to include this protrusion. And wanted to exclude this chainsaw cut. I screwed a straight piece of wood on to one end of the material and used a scrap of wood … Continue reading End Grain Yew Cribbage Boards, Part 1


Earlier this month, my friend, Neil Cronk, started an online woodworking event called #HandJoinery. As Neil described it, #HandJoinery is a way to share joinery skills and encourage people to get in their shops and put hand tools to wood while sharing and asking questions. Alongside Neil and I, Wilbur Pan, Shannon Rogers and Adam Maxwell … Continue reading #HandJoinery

Live Builds Show that Woodworking is Not Without Hiccups

Did you build a shop stool this weekend? Remember to e-mail it to me following the guidelines. I will send you an e-mail to confirm that I've received your submission. Saturday, as I built my shop stool, I monitored the other builds being documented on Twitter. I have gathered some of my favourite tweets and … Continue reading Live Builds Show that Woodworking is Not Without Hiccups

My New Shop Stool

I am working on assembling an elite group of judges for the Shop Stool Build-Off. There are many categories and lots of prizes so everybody has a fair chance of winning something. For a chance of winning a prize, make sure you submit your stool by the end of Tuesday, January 28.  Here is my … Continue reading My New Shop Stool

Need Some Ideas for Your Shop Stool?

Register today to participate in the Shop Stool Build-Off and a chance to win a prize! Saturday, January 25 is the date set for the Shop Stool Build-Off. Some woodworkers I have talked to are already working on designs and expect to do some material prep (including building bending forms) before the big day arrives. … Continue reading Need Some Ideas for Your Shop Stool?

The Shop Stool Build-Off

Eleven months ago, two planemakers decided to each build a scrub plane simultaneously and share progress pictures along the way. It was later dubbed the Scrub Plane Build-Off. The two planemakers were Scott Meek and I. The Inspiration On Saturday, I was tidying up in the shop and noticed that my shop stool was in … Continue reading The Shop Stool Build-Off

Insanity 2

Insanity 2 is the working name for my latest speculative project.  As with most, I'm designing it as I go and using the materials as my primary inspiration. Every project starts with an inspiration This piece of ash was the inspiration.  It's been sitting in my shop for years waiting for me to do something … Continue reading Insanity 2

Table in a Tree

Last weekend, I met with some of my fellow Artwalk participants and showed them the yellow cedar chair that I'd built to hang in the tree outside The Bistro Gallery where I will be showing my work. They loved the concept and encouraged me to make another piece for a second tree.  So, that's what … Continue reading Table in a Tree

Chair in a Tree

Saturday was a full day in the shop.  After breakfast, I went down to the shop and built 90% of a chair which will be installed up in a tree.  (In case you missed it, here's the back story.) I documented my progress live on Twitter using hashtag #FlairWW (follow me @FlairWoodworks) which was useful because each update … Continue reading Chair in a Tree